Thursday, 2 April 2015

DUNGENESS: A warm welcome when you have finished gawping

Desperate to get out of the wind we entered the Britannia Inn for an excellent morning coffee and a warm welcome from the Landlord and his Missus.  Quite the cleanest pub on the planet and large (to accommodate the Summer influx!)

The Road through Dungeness

After that and still in the shadow of the huge Victorian lighthouse, we visited the Gallery of who actually has three small huts converted to house a wonderful collection of woodcuts and found objects and post cards.  I spied a copy of Pebbles on the Beach (Faber &Faber paperback) and made a note to get a copy. Trevor bought a print of one of those near-to-collapsing boat huts on the beach.

Not far from a welcome: The Britannia Inn is round the corner

Lunch. Cod and Chips, Jane had the Skate, Trevor the Haddock (they swapped half-way through) as I ploughed through my delicious plateful at The Pilot. The place was full of people like us enjoying lunch and the warmth and welcome.  If you like fish and chips, this is the place for you.

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