Wednesday, 1 April 2015

DUNGENESS Another edge of the world

Dungeness: two figures on a shoreline
The Travels with My Architect series continues into 2015 with Trevor and I driving to the Kent coast, to Dungeness, Britain’s only desert.  Trevor’s wife Jane (architect and landscape gardener) joined primarily to see Derek Jarman’s cottage.

It was Jarman’s cottage that started a movement: of some 500,000 people who annually now come to this out of the way, incredibly flat landscape with its two power stations. And last year, so Dungeness Ranger Owen, told us there were 143 film or photo-shoots taking advantage of shingle beach, rusting boat winches and close to collapsing fishing huts.

This is the stuff of art. Some of the houses that line the single road are now galleries and those with taste and sensitivity have breathed on their single-storey homes.

Dungeness a memory of yellows and greys

Grey skies, a stiff breeze made for the perfect weather for this place, which is not without its amenities.

Art House Dungeness: Paddy Hamilton's Galleries

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