Sunday, 19 April 2015


Life on the Allotment

Canes every where 
A lovely day on the allotment (for drawing) using Sian’s kneeler the wrong way up provided the perfect sketching stool. 

The Allotment plot(s) are definitely thickening; several now sport elegant potato trenches. And there are onions everywhere.

Sian has removed her mypex duvets from her plot and is hoeing for England (prior to Digging for Victory).

Proud Onions Set Fair
Notwithstanding a thinly obsession with my own verbal excesses ‘a chaos of canes’ came to mind as I surveyed the scene.  A chaos of canes is surely right up there with a tok of capercaillies and a kindle of leverets.  Unfortunately I have yet to discover how one registers a new collective noun.

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