Thursday, 14 February 2013

Nassau - the Caribbean Cruise continues

Sunday and its Nassau
Up in time to see the sun come up over the Port as we docked next to a cruise ship that was bigger than ours with every appearing to have its own balcony. Hearty breakfast followed by a mini breakfast and then down to the Spectrum Lounge to set up for the morning conference session. A feint smell of tobacco and beer from the disco held the night before.

It was tough to stay on track, a full agenda with much Q&A. We made it though and I released the delegates at lunchtime. Nassau looked better from the top deck so I headed for a lounger and a free towel.

Friend: We drank for 12 hours, until 4am.
Boy: Wine gives you a different kind of hangover.
 All around young professionals are in bikinis and shorts; their conversations are thrust forward like free tickets to the Bingo (on Deck 7).

Jess: What happened to Sarah.
Friend: She's still MIA. What was she all about last night?
People at the club
Jess: People all over us
Friend: I know we definitely undressed Matt
Jess: Really?
Friend: I am sure he fell asleep
Boy: I need a sugar free Red Bull and Diet Coke. Caffeine man.
Friend: We drank for 12 hours until 4am.
Boy: Wine gives you a different kind of hangover.
Jess: I think I should go knock on their doors
Later Jess returns

Jess: Oh my God! I knocked on his door and went in and said "hello bad boy"
The room stank of dirty xxxxx and beer. Someone's stepped on my dream.

I left, for moments later Sarah emerged and she looked like she needed a sun lounger.
Off I scarpered.

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