Sunday, 24 February 2013

Cloud Nine faces off wind and water

Handsome boats impatient on their moorings.
Royal blue sail covers
Jib sheets neatly wrapped around forestays
Shrouds glisten white against the blue
Spreaders clearly seen from where we stand
I make a hurried drawing,
The wind almost lifting the book from my hand

Returning to our boat Cloud Nine we get a goodly soaking as we face off the wind and water. We go swimming several times before and after the salad lunch. Along with the others I made a tentative snokel-assisted run towards the land and was rewarded with a shoal of Trunk Fish and a Ray who was to close for comfort and so mild panic set in and I headed back to the boat.

16:08 we weighed anchor and left Tobaco Cays. We made West towards the island of Mayeau. We killed the engine and let the jib loose sailed round to Mayeau. Sixty minutes later we were moored up and ready for early sundowners. Plans are laid to invade the island for supper.

Next morning we explore Mayeau

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