Saturday, 16 February 2013

Caribbean: A tiny plane,a beach bar and no water


It was a small 16 seater twin otter plane that took me to Union Island via Bequia.  At 10,000 feet a great way to get a feel for the geography and seas of the Grenadines, the islands that on one side have the Caribbean Sea and on the other the deep North Atlantic. Sian and Skipper Patrick were waiting at the tiny airport where Patrick was also signing in the boat, Cloud Nine, into the country of St Vincent and the Genadines.

We were on board by 3pm and I settled into our quarters. We were anchored on a heading of 091 degrees and the sturn dipped and bobbed in the sun which started to go down just west of Union Islands steep hills. We took the RIB (rigid inflatable boat) over a bar on the edge of the harbour, Happy Island, for a few beers and cocktails before the preparation of supper.

It was a moonlight bright harbour at 06: 15, all blue light and if by arrangement the moon dipped and pushing through the clouds on the horizon was a golden light from sunrise. All in silhouette and dark. Distant islands dark as a hats as we ride gently at our mooring.

A small crisis this morning we discovered a water leak in the aft shower hose (for washing down after swimming) and we had appeared to have lost all 150 gallons of fresh water! So we motored back into Union Island and filled up again, having plugged the leak! 

By mid morning we were motoring on a course of 060 degrees to Tobago Cays a collection of reefs and white beaches - a playground for fish and boats like ours.  We saw turtles grazing on sea grass and Rays skimming the sand looking for lunch. 

We had  lunch on board, fresh salads from produce bought the previous day in Union.

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