Saturday, 21 May 2022

PSEUD’S CORNER* : Am I nearly there yet?

Living by an estuary and seeing its mood change is a superb surprise each day as I walk to my studio.


Infinity Books were running a competition:

 ‘Every year, ‘Love the Words’ (a quote from Dylan Thomas) asks for contributions to its annual poetry competition as part of International Dylan Thomas Day, 14 May. This year, writers around the world were asked to pen a poem on the theme of ‘water’, inspired by Dylan’s name – which means ‘son of the sea’


I was keen to contribute inspired by my daily walk.




Each day change; rise and fall,

Constant, the stalking heron and ballyragging gull.

Bleakest grey or incredible blue, above tawny shifting sands,

fashioning a new passage every day.


Salt mingles with fresh water,

Both anoint the green marsh,

Slop against the desultory keel

Middle distant white farms punctuate impossible green.


Across to Black Scar, 

No two days the same,

The ferry now forgotten.

Its shelter seen not sought,

Blessed are we who stand and pray by the flood.


 Full details of the competition and to download this year's Love the Words book 

View and Download


Laugharne Estuary   Sumi ink on Hosho paper    45 x 1800 cm


*Pseuds Corner

Listing pretentious, pseudo-intellectual quotations from the media. At various times different columnists have been frequent entrants, with varied reactions. In the 1970s, Pamela Vandyke Price, a Sunday Times wine columnist, wrote to the magazine complaining that "every time I describe a wine as anything other than red or white, dry or wet, I wind up in Pseud's Corner". The column now often includes a sub-section called Pseuds Corporate, which prints unnecessarily prolix extracts from corporate press releases and statements.  

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