Saturday, 7 May 2022


In the narrow lanes high above Pendine Sands there is much wild garlic this year. This perennial delight, also known as cow’s leek is the wild cousin of onion and garlic. Records of its consumption go back 1500 years with the Celtic Britons enjoying it. It is also a favourite of brown bears and wild boar.


Aside from its culinary applications in salads, as a vegetable, in soups and sauces it is also a good aid for cardiovascular and digestive ailments.


Do be careful that you are not picking lily-of-the-valley by accident, it does look similar, lily-of-the-valley is poisonous. To be sure grind a couple of leaves between your thumb and forefinger and you should get that delicious garlic aroma if you have the right stuff.


Locations of wild garlic in parts England are a closely guarded secret. A friend of mine who has just moved to near Arundel in Sussex told me that the locals were less than keen to tell of where to find wild garlic in the local woodlands. Sussex silence?


About 200 g of garlic wild garlic leaves and 300 mL of good quality olive oil and 100 g of pine nut kernels salt and pepper to taste will make you a superb pesto sauce. That you can keep the whizzed-up sauce in a Kilner jar in the fridge, ready for some fresh pasta.


Do go to it for wild garlic!

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