Thursday, 6 January 2022


Happy New Year! And last chance to catch up.It has been a crazy couple of months.

As mentioned previously the 10th of October I was invited to go 'upstairs to join the BA fine art course here at Carmarthen School of Art. 

Quite a leap. However it has been an exhilarating couple of months and I really am excited about all that studying at this level entails. 

Painting from Life

Along the way some tears, lots of frustration. 

Experiments in colour

Yet also the chance to work with some great people, share ideas and discover ways to paint and discover new names in terms of painters and artists, people that I would've never have discovered otherwise.

Large scale pieces in charcoal 84 x 60 cm

Today, January 6, is a special day. This morning I handed all my working including project notebook sketchbooks and of course coursework since I joined the program. Most of Christmas was actually spent getting ready for this big handing day especially as, I joined the program late so therefore had some catching up to do! Anyway it's good. It's done. Now we sit back and wait for our assessment and feedback.

Here is a short show of what I have been up too...

Flat colour techniques

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