Wednesday, 29 December 2021


It was some weeks back  we were given a link to watch a particular piece of dance performance.

I eventually got round to watching it and realised that the dance artist, Jo Shapland, was the very same person whom I’d been drawing during our class a few days earlier. And the exercises we were set included drawing her whilst she was dancing and doing the same without looking at our paper.

From a web link available below ‘Swyn-gân / Summoning, by poet Clare E. Potter and dance artist Jo Shapland, listens deeply to instinctive and mystical aspects of communication, how body, land, the nature speak. Jo also made the film. 




Plethu/Weave saw four dancers from National Dance Company Wales and the four dancers independent sector, partnered with some of Literature Wales’ commissioned poets to create short solo performances during lockdown.


Link to a remarkable film also

Dancing with Jo, across this first semester - here are the drawings....



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