Tuesday, 21 December 2021


30 October 2021,  tidied up 21 December 2021


Well, it was a bit of a funny start...

Coming onto a degree course*, painting, drawing and printmaking, with little or few qualifications at the age of 68. 


Now I have been exposed to all kinds of weird stuff: dancing art, art that uses various parts of the body to make itself manifest on paper (a link a tutor sent round). 


There is a desire to move us to abstraction.


And we are s t r e t c h e d!

Now the instant response is not to do same old, same old, but using materials that I used to hate which now I love: charcoal and chalk and Conte crayon.


Because these materials are much more expressive, they focus on tone and shade which are the fundamental principles of great drawing and painting.

What am I getting through these materials (charcoal and chalk and Conte crayon)? The confidence to work at speed. Applying pressure to the material gives different result, using the edge of these materials makes different marks. I have flexibility and options.



*Yr.1 BA (Hons) Fine Art/ Painting, Drawing and Printmaking

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