Wednesday, 24 March 2021


Lockdown creates many opportunities to reach out to old friends. 

Reconnecting with Paul James now living in Dubai was a bonus, and naturally I asked for his view...


My view reflects many preconceived ideas about Dubai. 


I’m lucky to have this open-air pandemic perch. After decades of business travel, it has become my office and window on the world. One day, while washing down pungent cheese with rich reds in my Pyrenean retirement (dream on, Paul), I will recall with wry amusement that million-dollar yachts glided almost unremarked beneath my gaze, adorned with beautiful people of possibly questionable provenance. 


                But what soothes the soul in this limbo year is less the boats and more the ripples on             the water and a silent visual chorus of runners, buggy pushers and e-scooters.


Spot the Nando's

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