Wednesday, 10 March 2021


Annagassan Port, County Louth, Ireland on a beautiful February morning.   

Annagassan is on the truly and thankfully undiscovered east coast of Ireland, there’s still plenty of activity at the port and if you look closely enough you might even see one or two fishing boats out on the water.  This is an area steeped in Viking history and as you look out you can see the Cooley and Mourne Mountains sweeping down into the sea (as the song goes).

Low Water at Annagassan

When I moved here people thought I was mad and now think I’d be mad to ever leave.  Some say....’wow from London, Sydney, Singapore, New York to here’ and I’m like ‘yeah amazing right, how lucky am I’.


When the world gets crazy or things get jumbled I come here and often realise I’ve been holding my breath.... for how long I wonder ?! now I’m here I can EXHAAAAALE.  From home to the port is an 8-minute walk/2 minute drive.  I’m always keen to walk myself and the dogs the whole way, they however love nothing better than to jump in the car so we can whizz down here as fast as possible.  I mean why waste valuable time walking when you could be spending more time at the sea.  

Currently closed, the Glyde will open its doors soon we hope


Sometimes we’re completely alone like this morning.... just us, the sound of the sea and the birds.  Other times we meet friends including the four-legged kind.  Whether the tide is in or out it’s our sanctuary and I feel blessed to be here.

My thanks to dear friend and former colleague Aileen Markey. 

She now runs 


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