Saturday, 23 January 2021

"We do not claim to have reached perfection...

COGOP  Slough Branch

Luckily for us the Church of God of Prophecy has a church in Slough, in Britwell one of the town’s most exciting parts, affordable housing and parkland etc.  Aside from Slough the Church has  has congregations and missions in over 130 countries.

At the Eleventh Annual Assembly in 1915, the General Overseer stated, in his annual address, "We do not claim to have reached perfection; we are only searching for it.”

Committed to the sanctity of the marriage bond and the importance of strong, loving Christian families the Church of God of Prophecy enjoys a membership of over 1,500,000.

In America alone there are nearly 85,000 members in 1,871 Churches.

The church’s particular interpretation of the teachings (primarily from the New Testament) were originally introduced in a series of 29 sermons delivered on the Voice of Salvation radio program by M. A. Tomlinson, several doctrinal beliefs of the church became summarised by the 29 Prominent Teachings.  

Well worth a watch is their Television Ministry, also called the Voice of Salvation. It is an excellent outreach and ministry with Pastor Billy Wilson ENJOY IT HERE…

For locals we can go to COGOP, a natty acronym, here to enjoy their services.

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