Saturday, 2 January 2021


A marvellous view south from atop Kennedy Park

Wonderful! And another good reason to love Slough. Kennedy Park boasts an outdoor gym, play logs and a lookout.  We enjoyed looking out from the lookout. To the south one could almost see Windsor Castle. Certainly it's possible to enjoy a great view of Slough Power Station and the menacing flat roofs of the data warehouses on the Slough Trading Estate.

This is part of Britwell, a residential area immediately north of the Slough Trading Estate.  In 2013-14 there was a deal of controversy about the development of this area. Slough Borough Council were gung ho for more houses and Countryside Properties sniffing and opening said game on. 

Although currently the new Community Centre (part of the deal) is closed (Covid) the park is open.  Careful though, Sam’s Store Drinks*, is close to one entrance and does attract drivers with a cavalier disposition to other road users, pedestrians and cyclists.  

*(Take advantage of special promotions, competitive prices, and convenient opening hours at Sam’s Store Drinks, Unit 5 Kennedy Parade).

I continue to promote, extol, praise and borrow from -  the late Gary Flint’s compendium of facts and inspiration about Slough and around and about.

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