Monday, 11 January 2021


St Thomas' Beaconsfield with highly trained baristas....

Having recently covered the Holy Trinity Hazlemere's development of a café and meeting rooms, several £m’s it seems, closer to home, St Thomas’ church Beaconsfield is forging similar plans.

In Spring 2021 The Dove Café is to be opened, if £70,000 is raised via one-off donations, regular giving or loans are secured. 

        Discover more about this right here https://thedovecafe/

The new God promotes ‘coffee and kindness being the perfect blend in a place for all, at the heart of the community’.

This all part of a scheme that includes a new attractive entrance to the church, glass panels to open the place up, more parking, a patio garden. There are numerous other aspects to the scheme!  The cafe is inside the church itself and the promotional leaflet promises ‘highly trained baristas!

Let us hope that A N Wilson’s piece* in The Times ‘Church shepherds have lost their flocks - The Archbishop of Wokeness Welby and the equally inept Nichols are not leaders that the faithful deserve’ does not come to pass otherwise the new cafe might not be too busy.

Link to A N Wilson article

            * Friday December 25 2020

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