Friday, 8 May 2020


Either 1. Taking the FDR to the BQE  Or 2. Going onto the Brooklyn Bridge. 

I saw a marvellous picture on PJ’s Instagram feed of roads, steel, girders, concrete and cars moving along roads. A remarkable shot, which I had to draw. Not having a clue as to where it might be in NYC. 

So where is this I asked. I was informed that it was either 1. Taking the FDR to the BQE
Or 2. Going onto the Brooklyn Bridge

Response 2 had a more attraction for me.

BQE is the abbreviation for the Brooklyn–Queens Expressway (BQE). This is a road that runs across northern Brooklyn and Queens It is part of Interstate 278 (I-278) is an auxiliary Interstate Highway in New Jersey and New York. Look for the 278b badge symbols on the map to get some idea of how this vital and often jammed route weaves it weary way!  

So with that TLA safely decoded we can turn to the FDR. 

This is the acronym for Franklin D. Roosevelt drive. It is a just short of ten-mile parkway running along on the east side of the New York City borough of Manhattan running along side the East River.  It starts the southern tip of Manhattan at South and Whitehall Streets in the Financial District and ends around 125th street. 

In the course of researching these vital facts I came across this
‘This’ being the Taxi & Limousine Commission Practice Exam – English: What an excellent way to test one’s knowledge of New York and surrounding area. Don’t panic the answers are in the last pages of this handy downloadable PDF.

For you next Lockdown online quiz with family and friends why not include some questions from this exam.
Question: Fort Tryon Park is in what borough?
a. Queens
b. Brooklyn
c. The Bronx
d. Manhattan 
Answer: d

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