Thursday, 12 March 2020


Cwm Gwaun    Acrylic on Paper   32 x 20 cm
On the road to Fishguard we turned off into Cwm Gwaun.

A steep-side valley flanked by fields and hard edged hills. An enchanted part of Pembrokeshire guarded by beech, hazel, ash and oak. Redstarts, marsh tit and tree creepers also keep watch.

The Rough Guide to Wales declares ‘Cwm Gwaun, the valley of the burbling River Gwaun is one of the great surprises of Pembrokeshire – a bucolic vale of impossibly narrow lanes, surrounded by the bleak shoulders of bare mountains.’

People in these parts continue to follow the tradition of the pre 1752 Julian calendar and celebrate New Year (Hen Galan) on 13 January. Children walk from house to house, and sing traditional Welsh language songs. In return, householders provide gifts of sweets and money.

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