Tuesday, 10 December 2019


When it is dark by 2pm and we stumble through the promises and counterclaims of election candidates it is good to recall when last we had some sun and warmth. Margate provided both.

This view, as you leave the station !

Margate is very simple and very lovely. From St Pancras the train whizzes you to this seaside Elysian in ninety minutes. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the town the beach, the pleasure dome, the sea and the harbour arm and the Turner Contemporary Gallery all in the same glance. All these treasures are set out before you as you leave the station!

Even in September, the sky is ultramarine blue, no wind and people are down on the beach paddling, swimming, wadding and shouting. All is good and lots of fun.

You can enjoy a good cup of tea or coffee in many places. And we did.

Oh, and don’t just stay by the promenade, venture a few streets into the town and enjoy the shops. Vintage emporiums nestle side by side by Iceland and Subway.  This town has not been ‘pimped’ it just wraps itself around both locals and visitors alike.

My essential travel companions Bron and Rosie the Puppy

Have seafood, in Margate you must.
This was my second trip to Peter’s Fish Factory. Right on the sea front, fish and chips are brilliant, prices just as good and cross the road and sit by sea and enjoy your feast.

God Bless Margate!

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