Saturday, 24 August 2019


Timbo danced with an Edmontosaurus
Cartography from the known and unknown world in the 1550's
They saw with their own eyes Bach being slain. Proud parents recorded the music!

August 8
Wendy discovered a Trilobite and lots of other creatures that were on the earth at the dawn of time.
Timbo danced with an Edmontosaurus. He watched as many children being admonished, by their parents, for running around the museum.

The cousins had a lovely lunch and Wendy paid. 
“My treat next time”,said Timbo cheerfully.

They entered a secret grotto close by, a cave of maps, and rare and precious cartography from the known and unknown world.

Onward Wendy and Timbo journeyed through throngs of people waving strange sticks and talking loudly in a language the cousins could not fathom.

On entering a church, which was busy too, with music being played by young people. They saw with their own eyes Bach being slain.

“Its time for tea!” shouted the cousins, and so it was.

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