Wednesday, 21 August 2019



Sitting right on the edge of East Sussex, Great Dixter its exquisite house and gardens, is a tumult of borders, beds, pathways and plots. This is an herbaceous wonderland of colour and combinations of plants. Everything piles on top of you.

Great Dixter was the family home of a great gardener, Christopher Lloyd who with Edwin Lutyens created something quick special.

As an attraction the place is well organised, right down the provisions for refreshments, shade and lunch. 

A tour of the house is not to be missed; you can enjoy ambling round 15C mansion and the Lutyens add-ons. 

Although the place was busy, one of the hottest days of the summer, all of us were lost in this huge maze of plants and planting. Then, you’d turn a corner, or chose a small path and bump into a fellow visitor!  a sort of gardening Caucus-Race.

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