Sunday, 14 July 2019


The fields of wheat were looking beautiful waving in the wind - other sea.


The other Saturday I was pleased to be driven round the fields and small woodland areas by retired farmer John Seabrook.  This was a real treat and the weather was glorious! 

John was one of my father’s greatest friends. Dad would often drive over to John’s farm and working alongside each other, they would tend to and nurture these woodlands, put up as havens for wild life. Trees were planted and undergrowth was brought under control. This was early conservation work by two enthusiasts!

Tollesbury, on the Essex coast, has been farmed to grow crops for thousands of years. 
The dominant crop is wheat for bread, animal feed and biscuits. 

We toured the land in John’s old Mitsubishi pick-up, the fields of wheat were looking beautiful and waving in the wind - other sea, and like the sea just yards behind us. The winter barley was about to turn pale gold.

I came back with a haul of pictures and have started to use them as the basis for paintings.

This land and sea is described with guides, walks and information here

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