Wednesday, 24 July 2019


Inspired by Jo Beale's workshop
A morning of lively lectures
From the top of Whiteleaf Hill looking west

It is wonderful to hear a group of enthusiastic experts talk about what they love most. It is infectious! This happened on a fab Saturday at the end of June - the event was called Get creative along the Ridgewayand held at St Dunstan’s Church, Monks Risborough. 

The morning kicked off with a warm welcome from Ridgeway National Trail Officer Sarah Wright. (leading the brilliant organising team). We heard of poems and historic route ways by poet James Crowden, Painting The Ridgeway and the Nash brothersa great talk from artist Anna Dillon. Do see Anna’s work

Then we learnt about writer and naturalist Richard Jefferies and the Richard Jefferies Museum a wonderful talk by Mike Pringle. The morning ended with considering the future of The Ridgeway with Simon Kearey, Ridgeway Partnership Chair.  Heads up! HS2 and the Cambridge Oxford Corridor development! ... ‘Lay on MacDuff’ *

The afternoon was doing rather than listening and I was part of Jo Beale’s workshop on inspiring journaling and drawing in sketchbooks! Brilliant! 

She guided us up to the top of Whiteleaf Hill, pausing along the way (thank goodness) to make notes and drawings in our books. The whole session has me thinking about new ways of using my Moleskine books… more lettering more printed ephemera to tell stories on the page.

Jo Beale runs workshops!   Full details are here

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*Macbeth, Act 5, Scene 8

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