Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Jurassic Jewels

Treasures on the Beach at Saltwich, Whitby.

Imagine this, your own private beach, and a personal guide, a geologist call Will. 
He has worked all over the world and can unlock the mysteries and excitement of geology. 
Hidden Horizons is the name of his company.! 

Lasting treasure

Will showed us creatures in clear rock pools, red sea anemones waved in the water,  he talked of erratics (glacial rocks that differ from the size and kind native to where we stood).
The mysteries of 180 million years were unpacked and laid out for our inspection! - the geological big picture. The sea, fly-past jet fighters and then silence; until skylarks added their surround-a-sound

Treasure seeks
Our every question was answered and at the end of this two hour personal low-water tour we came away with jurassic jewels - ammonites we will treasure forever and Will's enthusiasm.

Thank you Will, Hidden Horizons are now uncovered.

Simple stones - lasting treasure

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