Saturday, 17 June 2017

Down the Elbe with Mrs Merkel's favourite soup

Wednesday, it was a bright day with a chilly east wind. Off they headed having agreed a meeting place for lunch! 

Again I found myself parallel to the river and before the lunch rendezvous. I  reached a small village Loitsche about 20 km north of Magdeburg. On the other side of the road was a huge factory and close by a huge working of salt. Tractors and huge earth movers were dwarfed by the size of these mountains? Salt? Natural stone?

We met up at Rogatz and enjoyed warming dishes of Solyanka, Angela Merkel’s favourite soup (an East German meat and pickled vegetable confection) and just what we needed!

That afternoon I was in Tangamunde before the chaps so had their bags out and ready for their arrival and the sun arrived too.  Situated high above the west bank of the river the town has a distinctly medieval feel.  And it was in those times very important centre for politics and trade.

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