Saturday, 19 November 2016

St Paul's! Baroque-tastic

St Paul’s Cathedral
The Great Fire of London 1660 cleared the way for something new, and Sir Christopher Wren has given us the finest renaissance church in the land. Its dome is 365 feet high to the top of its cross, it is emblematic of the City of London.

We entered through the familiar west front and like everyone else paid our £16 (excuse me!).

St Paul’s has expansive cruciform layout. An arresting baldacchino, high up, drapes itself over the choir and high altar. This is actually a recent addition (1958) based on a sketch by Wren.  Every piece of sculpture, the ceilings and walls and floors all celebrate Baroque. We are dead lucky to have St Paul’s as the renaissance entry in the ‘English Cathedrals’ Roll of Honour’.

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