Saturday, 30 January 2016

The wonder of Worcester

The wonder that is Worcester 
Worcester Cathedral, The Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Mary the Virgin, loiters by the River Severn. It is only minutes from where we were staying with super-chums Chris and Liz.
We paid our customary visit.

George Gilbert Scott has been here too: Worcester was extensively restored from 1857 to 1874. The Victorians loved a clear view throughout a church; consequently 17th century screens and panelling were removed from Worcester’s Choir and organ casing in 1864 - moved up the road to Sutton Coalfield

The Norman work started earlier in 1089, what survives today as the largest Norman crypt in England. So tour guide Russell told me. The Norman work was completed by 1170.

King John was buried here 1216 and soon after rebuilding in the Early English style began, starting at the East end and moving west (Decorated).

The Black Death 1348 - 1350 put a break on things.

Work resumed (Perpendicular) in parts of the Nave.

And after Henry VIII had done his rampage, 250 or so years later the Victorians moved in.  Bless 'em 

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