Friday, 4 December 2015

Olives of Puglia

Right outside the office in Milan, every Wednesday morning, there is a street market. 
Via G Borsi Milano
The stalls were just packing up as we ventured out at lunchtime to take a look. 

Tour guide Luca, our local colleague, escorted us up and down the thoroughfare explaining what was what.

He introduced me to some excellent salami and fabulous hard cheese for the pasta.  The best advice was on olives from Puglia. 

Luca told of frying olives as a antipasti:
Set your frying  pan over a flame, add the olives then add a healthy glug of pugliese olive oil and a couple of smashed cloves of garlic, then a couple of peperoncini those little hot red chili peppers and at this time of year something sweet like Cointreau.  

Eccellente! Grazie Luca!

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