Tuesday, 23 December 2014


It is the custom at this time of year for comfortably well-off middle-aged folk to head Calais. Here important investments are made in wine, in preparation for the coming of Christmas. Vast warehouses are methodically divested of their stock. There are considerable savings to be made especially if nightly wine consumer is important to one’s health and wellbeing.

Thus it was the other week when we joined friends Moir and Diane, Mike and Lucy in a jaunt to France. It was our first time, however our friends were experienced plunderers, displaying Viking-like efficiency.

The trick is investing the savings made in a good lunch. Arguably, if one applies oneself the entire monetary benefit can be mislaid across four exquisite courses. We endowed the Restaurant Le Channel (http://www.restaurant-lechannel.com/en/) with our custom. An excellent feast from the Composez Votre Menu.

A champion meal at the Restaurant Le Channel in Calais

We all were treated to a petite-prelude of Pumpkin Soup, Fish Pate and Crab.

I enjoyed Fois Gras de Canard, and Pave de Cabilland.

Mike, with immeasurable generosity, shared his Fruites de Frites de mer.  See also footnote.

A reasonably priced Muscadet was appropriate to occasion and modestly consumed.

On the menu the dessert trolley is referred to as Le Chariot. Thus as good Christians we were trounced in the Le Channel’s Forum of excellent treats and fancies.

A most excellent, efficient and enjoyable occasion!

Many people enjoy Mike's own fruites de mer from his weekly stall in Borough Market. http://boroughmarket.org.uk/muirenn-smokehouse-2

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