Monday, 3 March 2014


With so many churches in Vilnius you would expect there to be
a lot of lovely alter plate and knick-knacks all in the grand style of 
‘Church of Rome baroque’.

Gold, silver and bronze blended, ornate chalices, crucifix and monstrance’s.
The later I had not known about. They were designed to display the consecrated eucharistic host, being created in the medieval period for the public display of relics, - 

The word monstrance comes from the Latin word monstrare, meaning, "to show".

Highly important pieces of Lithuanian cultural heritage

So many of these church treasures are on display at the Church Heritage museum. Bažnytinio paveldo muziejus

Lovely figures, each one about about one metre high formerly in gold and
standing on the alter of St Peter and St Paul
‘Church heritage (paintings, liturgical articles, historical documents and books) forms great and highly important part of the Lithuanian cultural heritage. 

Internal exposition of the church includes the most valuable exhibits of the museum that come from the following houses of worship in Vilnius: the Cathedral, churches of St. Peter and Paul, St.  Michael, St. Theresa.’

This is another reason to go to Vilnius.

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