Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Each year, to drum up members, our sailing club, Cookham Reach, throws open its doors and slipways and opens its excellent tea bar to host the publics. 

The other Saturday dawned bright, however by mid morning, when Sian and I arrived to help it was grey and blustery. Despite the gales threatening from the South West all classed of boat were on display and river-ready: Merlin Rockets , Enterprises, OKs, Solo's, Lightenings and Toppers and other marques too outrĂ© to recall.

A good contingent of members showed up to help, we were all clad in wind proofs to welcome visitors.

The flags on the Mast Pole fluttered briskly and ensured we were ‘dressed overall’ and showing our festive face in the squalls.

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