Saturday, 1 December 2012


Just of the London Road at the back of Wycombe a pub that looks posh and ready to take our money. Inside is the gold honey colour of a welcoming establishment. On table 12 the rugby club have just ordered, another round.

Cutlery wrapped tightly in thick paper napkins adds to the sense of good order and crisp ‘we are here to serve’ Huge TV screens ensure we don’t miss the game Leicester versus Salford

We five sit as a scrubbed table with nachos and garlic bread starters and much discussion over who is to have which style and flavour of sausage.  In the end Leek and Potato, Welsh, Somerset and Bratwurst for me with mashed potato and cheese all round. The rugby club order another round.

Our drinks arrive too, diet cokes and for the Mamz a ginger ale and a Brooklyn Ale for me.

At last and in time our plates arrive each pair of sausages with its cocktail stick banner proudly confirming their favour and measure. Appreciative munching all round and mustard for me on mine

We order another round of drinks. 
A so do the rugby club. 

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