Sunday, 30 December 2012


Somerset: The levels and land then rises to Glastonbury Tor with its monument in silhouette against the sky. The countryside around the manor house is criss-crossed with ditches and dikes. Green places enclosed by wooden fences; cows turn and watch and then return to their grazing.
Somerset: Original lino cut 20 x 13 cms

Old manor houses and country homes are the colour of honey framed by hollyhocks and dahlias. This is summer and the reed beds are still high before the basket makers take their harvest.

Churches in this same honey-stone with their tall towers seen from miles away, Somerset church towers ornate with gargoyles and filigree work are testament to the stonemasons work with materials that were floated down on broad rivers to the building spot.

This atmosphere, this flat but soaring landscape I seek to capture in my lino montage of this county.

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