Tuesday, 4 December 2012


TVC shines bright on a dark day for British media

November 29: Thursday morning, early and I emerged from White City Underground Station.
Television Centre stood out against a bright blue sky bathed in the sun.  A media icon opened in 1960 a place where Doctor Who, Blue Peter Fawlty Towers first came to life.

As the BBC shift back into central London or up to Salford Manchester is TVC looks for a new mission. Now it is a listed building (announced by the Labour Government 2009).
At the time the Labour minister said "It has been a torture chamber for politicians, and an endless source of first-class entertainment for the nation - sometimes both at the same time."

And later today the Daily Mail, the nation’s rabid read (along with other beasts of the press beasts cheer) David Cameron as he consigns the Levenson Report to the waste paper bin.

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