Friday, 21 September 2012


Jonny and I are coming to the end of our joint executorship of the estate of the late Leslie Driscoll.

We find it most effective to share the load and execute this business over a modest lunch at Le Bar de Mache in Berwick Street in Soho, quite close to the fish and chip shop at the top end of the street.

M. Le Patron always addresses me 'Ma Cher'

On this occasion there was largesse to distribute to the twenty-nine or so beneficiaries. Over une bierre blonde we sat, signed letters and cheques, licked envelopes and our lips in anticipation of a good meal.

On this occasion super-friend Stimmy, who did his fair share of licking and sticking, joined us! 

L-R  Jonny, Timmy and Stimmy

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