Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Arrived at midnight on Friday and 60 minutes later was in the hotel. Awoke, it was Saturday and preparation day for the workshop’s on digital media for marketing teams in Egyptian Tourist Authority. Small poolside experience before the sun set.

Workshops went well especially as the second one, for Monday’s group comprised the younger generation of marketeers, fresh out of college, more-or-less, and full of ideas -they took to the exercises and challenged the material.  These are the people who will build a new Egypt!

Hotel excellent; view of the Nile and the sound of traffic drifted up every day. A city of browns and purples:  

The Marriot was a former palace sequestered by Nasser way back when and Sadat sold it to Marriot Hotels. Nationalisation for the great good or well, I appreciated it.  Headed out to the airport midday Tuesday for the flight to Dubai and onwards to Delhi.

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