Wednesday, 16 May 2012


We journeyed to the other side of town, to the Old Bengal Restaurant for another excellent meal.

I enjoyed the Tandoori Makhon Chicken a dainty dish comprising boneless chicken pieces (stripped lovingly from tandoori chicken) ‘cooked with aromatic spices, ground cashew nut butter, coconut milk and a touch of herbs in a thick creamy sauce’. This was escorted by a couple of Tiger Beers.

Peshwari Nan (Stuffed with coconut, almonds, nuts and sultanas), plain rice and Motor Ponir (Cheese and Peas) were temptingly by my side.

After an drawing made at our table (for which a generous portion of Onion Bhaji’s arrived at the table) I was asked across to the other side of the restaurant to make a drawing of a party of twenty people celebrating some delightful creature’s 18th Birthday.

Making my way back to our table I was provided with a large brandy and also passed Davie’s brandy to drink both of which were the quid pro quo for my birthday party sketch.

I might apply for Artist-in-Residence.  Featured here. The chaps in the restaurant admiring my work (Jokes).

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