Saturday, 27 August 2011


A family meeting decided early that a late power-breakfast at Burger City was the perfect way to start a busy day by the pool. This was preceded by a trip to the stationary store to get more drawing pens (mine had expired in the heat) and visit the ATM although Burger City do take credit cards. Excellent fare and good quality diet cola. The atmosphere convivial populated by the usual clientele harried parents and ungracious offspring.

The highlight of the day (so far) was my visit to the furniture and word-working workshop at the end of our road. Two friendly chaps allowed me in to make a drawing and some photographs. Most hospitable, as I drew, a nice Turkish tea was placed in front of me on an upturned canister of wood-glue. What I could not work out was that the some of the walls were tiled and there was a huge vat in one corner and a nine-foot high press-like object that could not figure in the world of woodwork. I was told that before 1975 the place was and olive oil mill. The wheels of progress turn . . .

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