Sunday, 14 August 2011

North Cyprus - Vogue Club

Midday we went in search of a beach to adopt. Not visited last year but this we drove 7 km East and discovered the Vogue Club. A huge and quite deserted beach resort; with different terraces, bars and sun loungers strewn here there and everywhere, punctuated by red yellow and orange Agila sun umbrellas. We seem to be the only one of a several families there and were given 50% off the entry price of TL10, as it was our first visit.

The Vogue Club became busier; eventually I counted 20 people in the warm sea of the tiny bay in which the place sits. The place looks like it was planned to be a much busier. Part of it looks like a hotel, uncompleted and another accommodation block, grey concrete nestles up against that. Behind a huge, lovely swimming pool, there is a huge amphitheatre with lighting gantries, possibly for the several music nights advertised?

Anyway we loved it and stayed for four hours, frequently cooling off in the sea and trying out any many sun loungers as we had the energy for.

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