Friday, 9 September 2011



All shades of grey and ochre. All shades of green punctuated with purple and orange. Green landscape that reaches through slate stone and igneous and on to broad beach of sands that carry the reflection of walkers, surfers and the others.

Craig yr Awel is a lovely 1930’s cottage dear friends Kate and Mike have taken for a few weeks and invited us. This lovely house wedged into a hillside that looks out over the sea, which today shades grey green blue and changes every minute. The day is grey with wind and rain lashing everything until the mid afternoon.

One looks out on a sea, which changes colour directed by the light that may or may not break through a cloud and alter the temperature of the view. This is the light fantastic, or Fantasique, in a part of Wales that spawns painters and makers.

We arrived at noon in great wetness and wind and after a great lunch of local crab and roe with a nice green salad and a glass of rosé Sancerre. Then I climbed into a wet suit for a lesson on body boarding in the afternoon. I made a quick drawing on the beach (which was coloured in later).

This evening as I sit in the conservatory at Craig yr Awel the light continues to change, the colour of the sea, islands three miles out, and the sands immediately beneath this blessed house.

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