Tuesday, 5 July 2022


Ginst Point, an area of land, four square kilometres, boomerang shaped. Sand marron grass, sand, shell (seashells) and occasionally other shells. By degrees it is a desert under high sun, under a dark sky the grey and white of the sand almost meet.  Winds change the sands and landscape. It is part of Carmarthen Bay a large tidal range, with a strong tide and areas of soft sands. 



Three rivers flows into Carmarthen rivers Tywi, Taf and Gwendraeth. On one side of the boomerang mud flats, sand flats, lagoons salt marshes, salt pastures, rich with flowers, succulents, and birds. A cuckoo called out to us not so long ago. 


Spotted a couple of Sundays back 

Danger UXO: Ginst is at the tail end of MOD Pendine is operated by QinetiQ. The signage festoons the narrow road to Ginst Point. They point out:

 “Due to the nature of work that has been undertaken at MOD Pendine since the Second World War, there is the risk that the public might discover items of UXO in the Local area”.

Nonetheless A wonderful place to walk, sit, contemplate looking out towards Carmarthen Bay has a large tidal range, with a strong tides and cockle bed, the meeting place for three rivers.


It is a place to draw, drawn as we are to its solitude and space.

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