Friday, 22 April 2022


At school we are encouraged to gallery go. It’s more of a treat than a chore. Here are three not to miss shows and run until the end of April.


Jeff Elrod at Max Hetzler

There is always a treat at Max Hetzler, 41 Dover Street. 

American abstract impressionism with a twist. The twist being a beguiling use of tape. The tape masks out areas of linier white areas on these 180 x 160 cm canvases and the rest is acrylic and spray paint.

As the Galerie announces 

This where the parallel planets of digital and paint collide.

Elrod: parallel planets of digital and paint 


Susan Frecon at David Zwirner

Don’t talk, experience, is the message in the Zwirner’s write up about this their eighth solo Frecon show. 


These are big pieces and as you get as close as you can to each one appreciated the magical variations in paint thickness and tonal values. And the constant interplay between motif and scale.

Frecon: interplay between motif and scale


Mahesh Baliga at David Zwirner

A thrilling counterpoint to Frecon imposing colour fields is this collection of Indian delights by Mahesh Baliga. I was transported right back to days and experiences in Bombay and Delhi during my time with the BBC.


These paintings by Baliga are intimate and soulful sometimes there is a loneliness in subject matter and composition. The quotidian is fêted in a jewelled palette of colours. 


The scale of the works, little more than 30 x 30 cm lined up along the wall like school art show underpin the intimacy of these paintings.

Baliga: The quotidian is fêted

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