Sunday, 24 April 2022


 Three shows at No. 6 Albemarle Street, those nice people at the Marlborough Gallery.


The London School – Well Figuratively Speaking

April 12 London

The exhibition Figuration runs until April 29, 2022. All our favourites are here. The sweet man on the front desk characterised this fab show as ‘kinda London School’.


Certainly there a lot to enjoy here. 

Prints and full cream oil portraits by Frank Auerbach, 

expressive etchings by Lucian Freud, 

delicate and precise drawings from Euan Uglow, 

unsettling canvases by Paula Rego characteristic of symbolic tale telling Leon Kossoff’s intimate portraits and 

R.B. Kitaj’s take on the figure.


A deft piece of curation and hanging and well worth a slow browse.

The show runs until the end of the month so you should not miss it.


Louise Bourgeois – Est-ce tu en as essez?

Many have flocked to see the retrospective of her textile works at the Hayward. 

This exhibition is a calmer but nonetheless candid assembly of prints and editions spanning seven decades.

Bourgeois began exploring print making 1930’s and became highly skilled and prolife and experimented with print making throughout her career.

The focus on sculpture from 1950s through to the 90s meant she did not return to printmaking until the 90’s - it became a daily activity re-examining earlier drawings and ideas.

Louise Bourgeois: Pregnant Man

April 12 

Christopher Braham Marlborough Gallery until 29 April 


Also part of Marlborough Gallery now is a captivating show of paintings by an artist who Lucian Freud described as his only true heir. 

Certainly they were both good friends, Bramham’s children sat for Freud. 

Christopher Banham 
Freud encouraged Bramham away from drawing into paint. His landscapes are drawn from Cornwall and the back gardens of south London. Beguiling back yards redolent of Pizzaro and Bonnard. 

A captivating show of paintings by an artist who Lucian Freud described as his ‘only true heir’.


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