Saturday, 26 February 2022


 On April 23 last our lives changed forever. We landed in Laugharne, moving into a small house with a backyard. Our backyard is emblematic of change and our passions. Our Back Yard: Garden. Gallery. Studio. Café. Bar.

A place to relax, entertain, paint, draw and garden. All transformative activities in themselves.


A place to relax, entertain, paint, draw and garden. 


When we moved in, Sian, the constant gardener, set about transforming this small space. From debris to delight. Then nature brought us back down to earth in Autumn. And drawings before this project, chronicle activities, thoughts and hopes.


Throughout this in darkness allows the solar panelled lights to glow. Having soaked up their share of ‘solar’ during the day. And we battled with leaf fall and wet. 



Storm's Eunice and Franklin constant attacks on Laugharne, over the last few day, caused some damage: High up on our yard's parapet ground a neighbour's fence blew over letting even more light in.

Hostas fading in Winter

Yet, Sian’s summer plants still stand, victorious and ready for show in four months time.

Water butt fills so quickly here

View through the window

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