Thursday, 8 April 2021


John Bonner, artist and filmmaker set me an interesting challenge when I approached him for a piece view for the  'View from' series. He said, "I'll describe the view in words and you can translate these words into a picture." "I'll send a photo after you've done the picture"

Here is the text and the photograph John sent afterwards later. By the way, do enjoy John's short films here  

....waiting for the actors to make their entrance

A view from...

We both noticed it. At night. When the motion detector flood light is triggered by a rabbit. The fieldstone path leads from our back window to the wooden garden gate, set in a stone wall made by cattle farmers over a hundred years ago. Beyond is only the blackness of the forest. The flood is attached to our cedar-sided shed, on the left, and the area it illuminates, comprising the gate, the wall, and the path through the lawn, look uncannily like a stage set. Perhaps it’s the way the background appears to be black, but it’s as if the curtain has just risen, revealing a tableau lit by single light. 

We find ourselves waiting for the actors to make their entrance.

John Bonner 

Here is the actual scene -  John's photo

AGAIN John's YouTube channel Art Stories. Shameless and unsolicited plug:)

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