Saturday, 6 February 2021


The best website to inspire jaunt planning is Modernism in Metro-land   
Once on the site, click on Buildings click on Counties > click on Buckinghamshire. This activity gets you to the Community Centre in Amersham amongst other exciting places in the county . And within the erudite description provided for this building is a callout for the architect FB Pooley.

Fred Bernard Pooley, CBE (1962 to 1998) was the county architect for Buckinghamshire. Throughout his career as a supporter of middle ranking architects he insisted that their names were put on the buildings not just that of  the County Architect.

He was president of the RIBA for two years. Pooley establish Buckingham as a university town.

Pooley's schemes and dreams gave birth to the North Bucks new city, which was later to become Milton Keynes. Often it was then  referred to as Pooleyville.

His proposals for MK including the monorail. Sadly when the town was fully developed it was 'optimised' for the car, rather like Amersham, rather like the rest of Buckinghamshire.

Yes, Pooley's life was an architect's life well lived.

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