Thursday, 18 February 2021

SLOUGH: How very convenient

It is wonderful to read so many good things being said about Slough these days. 


Left unsung, so far, is its disposition towards toilets. With so much being made of our disappearing public toilets across the country Slough seems to be bucking this trend.


I discovered a loo in the churchyard of Saint Laurence. It (the loo) stands more towards the back of the churchyard, but nicely close to an impressive Victorian marble monument to some of the dear departed of the local area. This seems like another good reason to bless the town in Slough.


Taunya Lovell Banks, University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law, examines this issue of loo disappearances at a global level. In her thirty-four-page paper entitled the The Disappearing Public Toilet is downloadable here:


Although more recently ‘The government has taken a number of steps recently to increase provision of ‘Changing Places’ toilets for disabled people who cannot use standard accessible toilets. The government has also encouraged councils to open up public toilets following the COVID lockdown; and the government is increasing business rate relief for public toilets’


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