Wednesday, 23 September 2020


Having spent the last twenty years exploring churches built between 900 and 1900, I decided to give those built after 1945 a go. And I kept the ‘survey’ local, the High Wycombe area.  What I discovered, sketched and subsequently painted was a confection of all shapes and sizes, in range of materials.


Once upon a time the layout and character of a church was pretty much fixed. Arguably during the centuries of its cultural and moral centrality the church was an unmatched architectural force.


Now? Well anything goes, and characterised in the writings of my favourite polemicist, Jonathan Meades:


‘Churches started to come in all shapes. There were bunkers and ships. There were churches that looked like silos… churches with swervy roofs and hyperbolic paraboloid roofs. The faithful must have had to work hard to convince themselves they were attending church at all.’


Museum without Walls by Jonathan Meades 2013 Published by Unbound Books 

St Thomas  Holtspur

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

The Pastures Church

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