Tuesday, 15 September 2020




“Not the ideal day to wear a hat“ cried elderly gentleman in a thick fleece and a Morrison’s carrier bag. He purposefully strode past me, to catch up with his hat, which was scurrying in along the pavement.


We were in Faversham, Kent, on a blustery extremely wet day on Tuesday. Tuesday is market day. The air was festive. I was joy-riding to Kent with Trevor the Architect who was there to size up a job!


What a great place! Full of proper shops not a Costa, Pret, M&S in sight. 

The Tesco with petrol at £104/litre was tucked around the corner. If you are careful you can stand it it’s car park and line up the building’s high point so as if it appears to have a cross and spire. The spire actually belongs to St Mary of Charity church restored by George Gilbert Scott (St Pancras Midland Grand Hotel).


Faversham’s Creek takes the River Swale past the town. We are not far south from the Isle of Dogs another worthwhile Kentish destination.


Mentioned in the Doomsday Book the explosives industry was vital to the town until it went bang! in 1916 and one hundred folk lost their lives.


Beer is the other important, less dangerous, industry this home of Shepherd Neame (1698). Doubtless its output will be enjoyed on September 25th when ABBA Chique (tribute band) perform at the Alexander Centre - bookings@thealexandercentre.com


 Eventually the sun came out, the air was good-natured and festive. There were a number of elderly men, including the hat chaser, in shorts trying to eek out the summer. 


Gosh it was lovely. I enjoyed a sausage in batter and was given a few complimentary chips to go with it.


Fab Fav and lots more here https://www.visit-swale.co.uk/experience-swale/welcome-to-visit-faversham/


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