Tuesday, 25 August 2020


Onwards and upwards along the Western Avenue 


There can be few better ways into London from the west, early on a bright sunny morning, than driving along Western Avenue, part of the A40. 


The idea of this bypass was first talked about in 1912 and work begun in earnest nine years later. 


There are architectural delights along the way including the Hoover building and some interesting churches.  And there is always something new happening.  In the drawing tall towers and cranes, denote more buildings going up at the junction with Horn Lane, North Acton. Imperial College has made a home round the corner.


All the cycle ways have been up graded so a bike ride is in the planning.


Required reading for students of the Western Avenue is Edward Platt’s book ‘Leadville’ published in 2000 it won the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize and a Somerset Maugham Award.


Further out we pass RAF Northolt where in 1996 a Spanish pilot and co-pilot overshot the runway and continued into a passing van on the road.  Apparently they were enjoying a heated argument about who should land the Lear Jet with its single passenger, actress Lisa Hogan.  Lisa continued to live life on the edge when in 2019 The Daily Express heralded her as Jeremy Clarkson’s girlfriend. 

Full details here https://www.ibtimes.co.uk/who-lisa-hogan-jeremy-clarksons-new-model-girlfriend-once-caught-eye-john-cleese-1607759

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